Main line Integrative Psychiatry

David Danish md

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs.

Breakdown Of Costs

psychiatric intake appointments

Intakes for adults tend to take 55 minutes and cost $500. For children & adolescents, or other clients where caregivers are also interviewed, the intake takes up to 85 minutes and costs $600.

$500 for adults (55 minute intake)
$600 for child/adolescents (55-85 minute intake)
$250 for the 25 minute followup (1-2 weeks later)

Medication followup appointment

These are 25 minutes in length. We’ll discuss progress towards your goals and make treatment adjustments.

$250 for each 25 minute followup appointment

Therapy Appointments

Sometimes more time is needed. Whether it is weekly therapy or solving acute issues that need more attention, 50 minute sessions are also available.

$450 for each 50 minute followup appointment

Appointments at home or via Phone

Time is tight and lives are busy, so I do offer appointments over the phone or at a location of your choosing.
Video chat will also be available soon.